(reprinted from the Independent Coast Observer, May 15, 2009)

The Community Foundation of Mendocino County this week presented The Arena Technology Center with a check for $2,500.00 for the development of a program to help youth package their songs, images and ideas at Point Arena Pages.

Foundation Board member, Pearl Watts, said she was glad that the Foundation again this year has been able to grant $100,000 to non-profits throughout the county. Grants are made in many areas: emergency response, healthy lifestyles, youth, art, community projects, media literacy, and environment, to name a few. The Foundation, in turn, depends on donors from the community investing in the interest of their choice, for purposes they choose, through the Foundation. Grant money comes from individuals from all walks of life who open up funds to match their passions. The Community Endowment Fund, also administered by the Foundation, is comprised of donations that are unrestricted. Donations of all sizes go into this fund and you dont have to be rich to support the work of the Community Foundation.

Blake More and Kim Swenson accepted on behalf of The Technology Center. Blake says, Thanks to the help of the Community Foundation, the ATC is embarking on the next level of DYI media empowermentsomething that sticks with our goal of shifting youth from being consumers of media to being creators of it. With the help of students, we are developing a ATC based wiki web portal emulating the design principals of online places, such as myspace, youtube, and limewire. We will then upload an archive of past student projects (movies, audio recordings, digital art and web pages) as well as create a template for uploading new creations. When this is finished, we will offer youth classes/ongoing instruction on how to use the myATCspace, as well creating new media. This way, youth can share, download and trade their own media without being denied by Officer Dave!

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