Thank you to the following indivuduals who wrote letters of support to the ATC (these were written only by those who came in and saw the ATC request for support written on our sign in sheet.  We did not widely contact the community, as we felt that it was best to hear from the board before we addressed the community at large. 

Aimee Taylor
Andrew Pursell
Autumn Warre
Caiti Riehl
Community Foundation of Mendocino County  (article about Cheryl Rhodes)
Dori Fox
Fabian's ATC rap lytics
Fred & Cheryl Mitouer
Hector Luna
Ian Gleason
Jane Jarlsberg
Jimi Bove
Judy Mello
Julia Lark, Coast Community Library
Karl Young
Keith Abrams
Ling-Yen Jones & Jon Handel
Madeline Kibbe
Marion Zinn
Michelle Peyroux-Duhl
Omar Cartagena
Prometheus Glover
Satori Ivy
Sue Bolin
Yahel Ben-David