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Unfortunately we were hacked, shut down by our provider With the assistance of Bluehost programmers, we attempted to recreate the pages, but the drupal database was corrupted. If you are interested in checking out our archive of youth films and audio shows, please come to the ATC!


The ATC Archive contains a comprehensive array of media created by students in the PA School District, including Arena Union Elementary School, Pacific Community Charter School, Point Arena High School, South Coast High School and the Pacific Community Charter High School.  It also includes work by Sonoma County youth attending Horicon School and Fort Ross School.  The archive dates back to 2002, with the youth movie that birthed the Arena Technology Center, Life on the Rez.  Since then, over 40 animations, documentaries, and video shorts have been created by local youth.  In addition, the archive contains pictures, audio and spoken word offerings.


ATC Press Archive

ICO Article:  Future Bright for Arena Tech Center in Point Arena
 By Brian Park

“The Arena Tech Center fits in great with the project based learning, focus brought about by the Point Arena High School’s adoption of the New Tech Network.. Click here to read more.

ATC Power Point Presentation & ATC Letters of Support,
May 2014

Available as a PDF or a Powerpoint Presentation
To see a list of letters and read online, click here

ATC Receives Developement Grant The Arena Technology Center receives $4500 Grant from the Community Foundation of Mendocino County to purchase new computers!  Click here to read.

ATC Announces Internet Radio Station This article appeared in the Lighthouse Peddler February 2011 issue.  Click here to read.

ICO Announces Start of DYI Media Server The Arena Technology Center receives $2500 Grant from the Community Foundation of Mendocino County.  Click here to read.

Radio Interview on KTDE 100.5 FM The Arena Technology Center is the topic on Fred Adler's Coastal Interviews. Listen

ATC Makes PSA Created by Cybirk and Hisham Bechtol at the Arena Technology. Listen

We Are In Time
(with KTDE)
ATC is working with Fred Adler and KTDE to produce a radio show highlighting the California Poets In the Schools Mendocino County Youth Anthology. Listen

Digital Storytelling in ICO
Independent Coast Observer write up December 2004. Click here to read.

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