ROP Intro to Computers On going class on Wednesday afternoons. Computing is easy once you get over the fear and confusion many new users face. Let our staff show you the basics of PC and Macintosh navigation, and pretty soon you'll be typing documents and showing off on Photoshop. Really. Contact ROP instrutor Cheryl Rhodes

Designing with Photoshop This ongoing drop in class is a basic primer for using Photoshop CS3 software, a design tool preferred by graphic designers worldwide. Learn how to use layers, tools, masks, and more. Basic Mac skills required. Taught by ROP instructor Blake More

Introduction to Dreamweaver Ongoing class covering the basics of Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver software is an industry-standard visual web HTML editing tool. Dreamweaver allows the user to create interesting, dynamic web pages, and this course will cover Tables, Framesets, Text and graphics formatting, Linking, JavaScript rollovers and child windows, Site management, Image maps, FTP (uploading your site), Meta tags, and Forms. Basic Mac skills required, plus Photoshop skills. For more information or to sign up, contact ROP instructor Blake More

DJ ABC Tuesdays Computer expert, Calvin Pullen is at the Arena Technology center on Tuesdays. He will be available to assist youth and adults in basic DJ skills & theory, including beat-matching, audio levels, programming and set composition. He will also introduce DJ software options for both Mac and PC as well as share various recording options that people can put on their home computers or laptops. For more infornation, contact Calvin Pullen

Digital Storytelling Tell your digital story using Brainglow, a stand alone multimedia application developed by the Bay Area Video Coalition
Taught by Blake More. Click here for more info

iMovie Instructor Wendy Biswurm teaches a iMovie video class, for youth and adults.  This class introduces students to the basics of video editing and adding music and special effects to your video.  If you have your own project, please bring video to edit, including cables needed to connect to the ATC IMacs.  ATC has a video & flip cameras available for signing out if you want to have some material to work with.  For more infornation, contact Wendy Biswurm

Tech Health Tues On Tuesdays, Calvin Pullen is aso available to help youth and adults get more familiar with PC and Windows maintenance, and also will be offering laptop troubleshooting & repair.  For more infornation, contact Calvin Pullen

ROP Intro to the Internet If computing is the path to efficiency, then the internet is the escalator. Come find out what the information superhighway can do for you...create email, surf the web, research, check the surf...if you can think of it, chances are, you'll find it on the web. Ongoing, M-F.

BYOM--LAN Party for Gamers ATC is planning to host BYOM (bring your own mouse) Lan "parties" for gamers, but needs to hear back from the gaming community as to what sort of games people want to play, and when. He asks gamers to understand that limitations--both of hardware and software--will, unfortunately, disqualify some games, but emphasizes that *all* game suggestions are welcome. Organized byBrendan Mobert.  Email us for more information.

Wings 3-D An Intro to 3-D modeling" will use the open source software "Wings 3-D" to teach three-dimensional modeling. Taught by Brendan Mobert.  Email us for more information.

What is Open Source
"What is Open Source" aims to explore Linux, open-source software and the thriving community of developers creating free and open software that promise to once again make computers a vehicle of social change and personal expression. Taught by Brendan Mobert.  Email us for more information.

SRJC Online Come into the center and use our high speed intenet access to visit Santa Rosa Junior College Online. Sign up for the classes you want and use ATC as your virtual classroom. We'll help you create a weekly schedule and stick to it. Click here to visit SRJC online.

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